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How to Ease Social Anxiety Through Advanced Meditation Techniques

Jul 11, 2023 | Generational trauma, Mental Wellness

Social anxiety isn’t commonly discussed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not prevalent. In fact, it’s estimated around 15 million Americans have social anxiety disorder in adulthood. If you experience social anxiety, you probably understand just how impactful it can be.

It can sometimes feel like this disorder is impossible to overcome, but we’re here to share some new solutions that have been proven to help … Are you ready?

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be isolating and overwhelming. Most of us have felt uncomfortable in social settings, but social anxiety disorder is more than just being shy or feeling out of place. This disorder can be debilitating and is a serious mental health concern.

Individuals who have experienced social anxiety may have trouble forming relationships, attending social gatherings, and functioning in the workplace.

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder include:

  • Intense fear in social situations
  • Avoiding people
  • Fear of being judged
  • Trembling

Whatever you might be going through now, just know that you’re not alone – and things can get better. There are a number of evidence-based strategies that can help.

Are you ready to learn more aboutsome highly effective treatment options for social anxiety?


When you think of meditation, you may be thinking of sitting on the floor for hours or having soft music play. While both of these things can be true, there are a variety of meditation techniques and each of them have their own specific benefits.

Meditation not only has great physical benefits, but it can actually change your brain.

By meditating, you can change your prefrontal cortex (decision making), amygdala (emotions and fear), and the hippocampus (memory). Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

Many people are surprised when they learn just how powerful meditation can be. After all, how important can it be to silence that recording in the brain, which is often filled with negative thoughts, and turn within? It turns out… Very important.

If you have social anxiety, you might be wondering if meditation could help. Keep reading to find out the latest research on something that could cause lasting change in your life and help you join in social situations in a confident, empowered way.

Meditation for Social Anxiety

Meditation can be a powerful support for managing social anxiety.

There are a few unique challenges that individuals with social anxiety face when it comes to traditional treatments. For example, talk therapy can be incredibly challenging and triggering for individuals with this disorder. If you identify with this, consider finding a meditation technique that works for you – as there are many – and each will offer something different and have different levels of effectiveness.

For many people with social anxiety, it’s easy for thoughts to spiral. “I don’t want to talk to anyone at work” can easily turn into “Nobody at work likes me or even wants to talk to me.” Turning within to a space that is calming and stops the negative chatter in the mind can be a great way to stop those thought spirals and return to a neutral and even inspired mental state.

While meditation alone might not heal your social anxiety, it can help you gain control over your thoughts and build more confidence over time.

So many people have seen social anxiety improvements from meditation, and there’s research to back this up. One study found that meditation was just as effective at managing symptoms of social anxiety as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

If you’re interested in trying some of the many meditation techniques that could help you with social anxiety, here are some things to keep in mind…

Clear the Slate

Some techniques tell you to focus on being present during your meditations to help you gain control over your thoughts, a skill that can be helpful in challenging social situations.

I can’t say this works for me, I agree more with processes that teach you how to eliminate your overwhelming thoughts. Otherwise you could buy into the drama of all the problems these thoughts in your head suggest and continue to spiral down.

While the thoughts could be pointing out real challenges, if you’re not in a frame of mind to find solutions – then this kind of mind chatter is not very helpful. It builds more stress instead of releasing it.

So, I like techniques that help you clear the slate – and one way is by writing down what concerns you. This way the negative chatter doesn’t have to occupy so much of your mental space. You might not be able to look at the chatter objectively yet, but at least your mind is free to shift focus onto thoughts that are more pleasing.

Body Scanning

Before you begin your meditation, consider doing some body scanning. This involves checking in with your body and noticing what you’re feeling. You may find you’re carrying some tension in your neck or that you’re slightly hungry. Noticing these cues from your body can help you get connected to yourself.

Then before you start your meditation, make sure that you address the things you find in your scan first. Find a pillow that would help your neck feel better. Have a quick snack to settle your stomach.

You might also consider tailoring your meditation sessions to the times of day that you prefer, which can increase your motivation to turn them into a habit.

Follow a Program

While there are many different meditation techniques that are beneficial, it can be helpful to also follow a program. Choose one based on your needs or one that can teach you the latest research that has been shown to be effective at clearing symptoms like yours, and possibly building new behavior.

Just like it’s helpful to workout with a trainer at a gym, having a trauma expert guiding you could be more helpful than trying meditation by yourself.

A skilled mentor can help ensure that you’re meditating in an effective way.

I suggest  diving into a program that includes Special Formula Meditations developed by a trauma expert. They can help you overcome negative programming that needs to be cleared and re-igniting your passion for life, \

I did not have an understanding of the difference this could make until I tried SOS Method Discovery Programs and Special Formula Meditations. They were developed by Mental Health and Trauma Expert, <Marlise Karlin.>

Two decades research worldwide demonstrated how countless thousands released negative patterns in a relatively short time. Many people found it helped them build a life they loved.

This evidence-based holistic technique is now in an App that supports and teach you how to enjoy life again .

It’s a healthy lifestyle practice rooted in universal and timeless principles that cultivates a calm mind, inspired with the creativity to thrive. With this blueprint you can build a strong foundation that fully supports you through any highs or lows.

If you’re dealing with social anxiety, consider trying the Empowering Communication program. You’ll discover new self-confidence while gaining tools for communication you can use in times when feeling socially anxious.

And you could be like the many people who discovered these symptoms did not have to be a life-long difficulty. You could join with many who practice these unique meditations and programs to heal and find a way to be with people you didn’t know was possible.

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