What is SOS Method?

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SOS Method is meditation reinvented for busy minds. This one-of-a-kind collection of Discovery Programs, Life Tools and Special Formula Meditations fuses specific elements in music, white space, and placement of words and tones – and works in just minutes. Developed through decades of research from diverse fields including Eastern holistic traditions and Western science, SOS Method is an entirely different approach to meditation.

Accessible anytime, anywhere on a mobile app, SOS Method helps to relieve stress or power up in as little as 5 minutes, and increases feelings of peace, mindfulness and productivity when used regularly. Even people who think they can’t meditate, find relaxation, calm and focus.

How does SOS Method work?

In times of stress, doubt, conflict, low energy — or any time through your day you want greater focus — SOS Method gives you rapid, direct access to an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing.

It helps rewire the mind and body through the three ways we learn; mentally acquiring new knowledge in Discovery Programs, physically developing new habits with Life Tools and experientially through Daily Meditations.

SOS Daily Meditations are a proprietary blend of music, tones, and elements that help you develop an enriched, stress-free environment in your body. As your body becomes a stress-free environment, your mind follows, forming the foundation for productivity, creative thinking, better decision-making, and even wisdom.

Discovery Programs help your mind discover the triggers that make stress happen, and Life Tools show you how you can shift your response to them. SOS Method empowers a better approach to the world—relationships, careers, family, and the ups and downs of life in general.

Where does SOS Method come from?

Marlise Karlin is the CEO/Founder of SOS Method®. Her challenges of growing up with an alcoholic, abusive father and the stress-related illnesses this caused sparked a lifetime pursuit for discovering new solutions. Marlise studied with teachers from diverse fields for 25 years: masters of meditation from India, holistic traditions from Japan, and leading Western scientists. This led to a completely different approach to meditation, which includes Discovery Programs, Life Tools, and a unique formula for Meditation that fuses music, tones, and words — and works in only 5 minutes.

Who is SOS Method for?

Consider it the art and science of wellbeing made readily accessible for busy minds in a busy world. So, we’d like to say everyone.

What we can say this: People going through every kind of distress including anxiety, PTSD, abuse, being bullied or bullying others... skeptical people... people who have lost touch with their better selves... and people just like you — have reported that they found relaxation and deep peace within moments. That’s why SOS Method has been used in hospitals, youth programs, rehabilitation centers, and support groups around the world.

Why should I do SOS Method?


  • Less stress, depression, anxiety.
  • Better focus, creativity, sleep.
  • A healthy body, a happy mind.


  • Our meditations are an exclusive fusion of music, tones, and words
  • Proprietary system of Discovery Programs, Life Tools and Daily Meditations
  • Decades of research and case studies
  • Proven track record of effectiveness for people of all ages and cultures
  • Mindful Dogs programs for better habits and calm
  • Empowering programs for Teens and Kids

SOS Method helps you become happier, healthier, more mindful and productive. Of course, to become aware of your possibilities, you’d have to explore them. And yes, that’s a hint.

How do I begin SOS Method?

You can #powerup by just listening. Your free trial includes the 5-Day Essentials series. That’s 5 daily lessons and meditations, where you’ll explore:

  • Discovery Programs... that explore landmark science and holistic wisdom
  • Life Tools... that help you physically release stress so you can re-focus
  • Daily Meditations... that help soothe and revitalize busy minds

And, like any healthy lifestyle practice—exercise, eating well, sharing—the more you do it, the better you feel.

After that, you can upgrade your membership to continue your journey. Once you’ve explored the 11-Day Essentials, the full library of 50+ Daily Meditations, Life Tools and Discovery Programs await.

When should I do SOS?

Your SOS practice is accessible anytime and anywhere from your smartphone.

We suggest listening first thing in the morning to clear the slate and set the tone for a positive day. And you can add Meditations as a ‘pick-me-up’ to your break times at work or before going out in the evening. Decompressing with SOS before bedtime helps you switch off from your day and sleep more peacefully. The choices are endless, and up to you.