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Selena, USA

Overcome Stress for Better Health       

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– Basically, I ended up in the hospital for seven days. Doctors poked and probed me, and I completely swelled up. I had my ankles drained. I had biopsies. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. And when they finally diagnosed me, I had an autoimmune disorder that basically they think was just manifested by the stress in my life and my party-going ways and things that I was doing. So through the practices with Marlise, I’ve been able to just be more in touch with my feelings and my health and what I’m going through. I don’t have to rely on prescription medications anymore. If I feel myself a little out of whack, I take a step back, take a deep breath, re-energize, and then move forward.

Rohit, India

Gain Rapid Peace of Mind       

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– Trust me I don’t give time to myself because of family and everything. As my first time, so a lot of thoughts came to my mind, but there was a sound in the middle, which was actually, it resonated and it sparked something in the head and it was like, “Now just kill everything and just relax and just be more peaceful. And just…” So the wordings and the way it was said, it made me so comfortable. I saw that effect very, very nicely in five minutes. Maybe if I do it longer, I can see it even more.

– [Marlise] Yes.

– Thank you so much Marlise. Thank you so much.

– [Marlise] You’re welcome.

Niala, USA

Better Sleep for Toddlers and Adults      

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– Niala that’s my daughter was young. She was going through the phases of growth and with every growth spurt, sleeping habits change. And so she hit a point where she was really kind of old enough to fight back about wanting to go to bed. And so, I don’t know, one evening I just thought I’m going to try doing a meditation with her and see if that would calm her down and ease her into sleep. I played one of the SOS meditations, and then all of a sudden she uses sign language and she said more and she loved it so I played her another one, and then that became our evening routine for months.

– Here, you have this little child, who hasn’t been told all the science and research behind why it’s good for you, doesn’t know it’s going to help change your life, and after the first time hearing it more, she wants more. That to me is like, that’s that inner knowing we all have of when something is good for us and it feels good but it also is good for us and can make such a difference. So thanks For sharing that story.

– Thank you for SOS. It’s been an amazing piece of my life for the last year and a half.

– Yeah and it’s–

– Forever grateful.

– Thank you and we’re grateful for you.

Sonya, Botswana

Release Work Stress for Restful Sleep      

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– [Interviewer] Great. And when you did the meditations, what did the meditation feel like for you?

– It was very relaxing. It felt like I could let go of all the work thoughts running through your head. Usually if we go to our room because we’re working most of the time, you never really switch off. So it was great to just lie down, not think about work, and then we even sometimes, we had a nap afterwards and we would sleep peacefully and not keep on waking up or thinking, “Oh, you’ve overslept,” or something like that.

Johnathan, USA

Relaxation & Rejuvenation      

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– I mean, I just really felt like the sense of synchronicity between my breathing and just where I was and my place, it was kind of surreal. The same sense of, you know, kind of like being around, but, you know, like you’re still in the chair, but not. Just totally relaxed. And, but I found myself drifting off almost ’cause it was so comfortable and I found it surprising as you just noted, we’re in chairs and bright lights. I just felt so relaxed and so calm and to come out of that was just really feeling a sense of rejuvenation, and a like, awareness.

SOS Explorer, Botswana

Relax Body and Develop Mind      

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– My brain is start to change. Changing my brain means that my whole body started to relax. When more of my body relax, then my body also heals itself.

Ishitha, India

5 Minutes of Pure Enjoyment      

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– It really worked. I couldn’t believe it. For five minutes, I totally forgot where I was and I completely enjoyed it. I was so cut off from this room, but then I still was in this room with… Oh, it’s a different experience my goodness. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Tara, USA

Accepting Self and Others      

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– You know I just recently quit my last job, and it’s funny because the story that you were just telling me about Sandy is that, oh and how we felt underappreciated is that’s exactly how I felt in my last job in my last job, but I’m no longer there now. And it’s like I almost want to with what I’m experiencing, like the peace inside, I want when I’m talking to people, I almost want them to who feel that off of me with like the way that I am talking to them and like accepting them for who they are.

– Wow.

– And everything that you have been saying. It’s a new job. You know, I’m starting to love more and more every single day. And it’s making me a happier person. And I’ve also seen that, you know, the way that I treat other people, I guess it’s not the same. Like I tend to talk to people I don’t normally talk to. Thought I would figure it out after four years of college, but hadn’t. It took me to come here to get it.

– That’s great.

Jeni, Los Angeles


I’ve come to a greater awareness in my life… I feel so muck better. Its Awesome… It’s great.

Susan Mears, UK


My dog, Roishin, has really benifited post operation from SOS Meditations. She trots in to share Happy Dogs programs with me. The vet could not believe how fast she healed after her cyst removal.

Robin, UK


The SOS Method is different from anything else I have ever done! It’s an incredible feeling! I have never experienced this before. It’s intense yet peaceful; it’s just brilliant!

Morgan, LA


I use SOS Method in the morning before beginning my day, as well as before making certain decisions and important phone calls. It’s guided me through difficult conversations. My experience with SOS has truly changed me for the better.

Michael, UT


With a possible unexpected career change looming, SOS helped me focus on positives and opened my mind to previously unexplored opportunities.

Stefon, OK


SOS Method gave me time to reflect on myself and my goals. It pushed me to find ways to work and set up tasks to achieve those goals. I believe this will help me become better in anything I pursue and will product great results.

Robyn, NC


SOS Meditations bring me such calm. I’ve been in pain from fibromyalgia since my 20s, and now it’s gone, which is such a gift! I’ve had no pain for more than 3 years.

Patricia, CA


Sometimes the experience is so deep… there are no words.

Colleen, WI


I just finished the 5 day. It was amazing. I’ve had a meditation practice for 8 years, so I was skeptical SOS could be something that came so easily. As I finished, and was listening to the “Believe” meditation, I was so moved. It actually brought tears to my eyes!

Stephen, UK


I use SOS Method daily. It helps me stay calm, focused, and positive when facing adversity and uncertainty. It’s helped me create wonderful new possibilities.

Friend of SOS, India


I feel like I’m in a different world altogether when I start using the SOS App.

Nils, Amsterdam


I have felt an intense vibration, which has been amazing to experience. my life has shifted… Love, work, finances are all coming together.

Ole Njapit, Kenya


My life and Telek community has not been the same. We are more optimistic about the future… Now I have hope.

Mikaelu, Africa


it was really simple to understand. it’s one of the most important things in life – to feel happy and to get peaceful with just yourself