Get One. Give One.

For Every Yearly Subscription You Get, One is Given To A Person In Need.

Imagine what life would be like without having to repeat the negative patterns passed down to you from your ancestors.

Imagine… just imagine…

– Marlise Karlin

The Mission & The Dream

Provide our evidence-based technology that has empowered countless thousands worldwide to transform the trajectory of their lives.

Our Mission is to Empower 1 Billion People Through Transformative Experiences by 2030

Collaborate with bold, passionate changemakers and innovators to inspire future leaders and communities that shape a more conscious world.

Freeing people of Genetic Pain, their generational trauma, will ignite the innovative leaders and communities that shape our world…

– Marlise Karlin

Thank you for your support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people during such challenging times. And Thank you for the magic SOS meditations that accompany me and my child throughout the day ❤❤❤.

~ Natalya Baburina