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“I’ve tried over 20 different apps, this is the best meditation that you will get on the market today. You will not outgrow this one and the information they give you will help expand your memory.”

~ Jennifer Lude

“I had severe sleeping issues that affected my daily routines. I invested in many solutions but the differentiator of this app is it’s helpful when my eyes are wide open. I’d highly recommend it.”

~ Ankur Sarkar

“I’ve always struggled with overthinking, so I’ve tried ALL the meditation apps and many other strategies to get my brain to settle down. But this app is in its own league. It’s honestly life-changing!”

~ Hannah Sentenac

Our proprietary technology powers the SOS Method App, activating the mind and body to clear trauma blockages, enhancing greater harmony and wellbeing.


SOS Method App powered by Inner Knowing Technology entertain and activate dormant human potential that empowers life-long mental health & wellness support.


Similar to meridian style holistic arts, as stress blockage is released, neural networks rewire to break negative behavior patterns and build positive habits.


Easing stress, cravings, and depression, gaining a fresh perspective, develops resourceful behavior for a fulfilling life.

SOS Method® Has Helped Countless Thousands Transform Their Lives:
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Activate Your Dormant Potential

Finally. Meet the person you were always meant to be.

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Eliminate Stress & Genetic Trauma

You don’t have to be gripped by stress, anxiety or hardships.

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Build Self-Esteem & Courage

Love how you feel as you build confidence, courage and new strength.

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Improve Relationships

Build better relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

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Feel Empowered To Achieve

Gain the motivation and drive to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

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