What is SOS Method?

SOS Method is the only app available designed to eliminate the Generational Trauma responsible for stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other life obstacles.

To help you understand this technology and how it helps you, we’ve put together video answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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Most people are living with various levels of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Every day, even successful people feel guilty that they’re not managing their mental health and physical wellbeing better than they do at next journey. We guide you through this simple evidence based method that helps you overcome these limitations in just minutes a day. It’s a modern hybrid of meditation, holistic practices and neuroscience. That’s been proven effective for over two decades. When you join us, you unlock a life alterings super power to access, peace of mind, hope and empowerment. So you can live from your highest potential.

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What is Generational Trauma?

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What is Energy Resonance?

How understanding Generational Trauma helps you forgive others.

DISCLAIMER: SOS Method is based on holistic principles and cutting-edge science – and verified through decades of global qualitative research. Yet, it’s important to remember that information is constantly changing. Science is just universally accepted theories until new data emerges. Consider Pluto, once a full-fledged planet like Mars, now only a dwarf planet. Gaining new insights on our universe’s seemingly answered and unanswered questions will advance our understanding. Yet, we trust SOS Method will have a transformative affect today and in the future. We invite you to share your experience so that we can all continue evolving.