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SOSmethod ignites your SUPERpower to overcome hardships, stress, anxiety and depression.

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SOSmethod’s science-based process helps you:

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SOSmethod’s dynamic mind/body process is unlike anything you've tried:

  • Immersive Meditation: Infuse engineered music/words that resonate your energy
  • Discovery Programs: Explore cutting-edge science and holistic wisdom
  • Life Tools: Define simple steps that generate inspired solutions
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Developed by Marlise Karlin

Marlise Karlin’s quest to discover solutions for stress, healthy living and empowerment stems from personal trauma, as a teen runaway with substance abuse and stress-related chronic illness.

Marlise’s passion took her around the world, studying with specialists for 25 years: meditation masters in India, holistic experts from Japan, and leading Western neuroscientists.

She infused her research and experience into SOSmethod, a life-altering holistic process that ignites your hidden SUPERpower.

This SUPERpower transformed Marlise’s life to becoming a successful Entrepreneur, Wellness Pioneer, and qualitative researcher who’s empowered diverse communities for over 18 years.
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SOSmethod + NEXTjourney

SOSmethod is one of the amazing tools that helps you unlock the many doors along your NEXTjourney.

Join a community of Explorers mentored by Marlise in live and online events that motivate you to build habits that transform your entire life.

“I want people to understand just how powerful they are. Regardless of any challenges, anyone can live an inspired and exceptional life.” ~ Marlise Karlin
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“It was like being able to breathe again. Each new awareness was like a lens to see the world where problems became adventures to be dealt with in new ways.”

Wade Davis,
Ph.D. Ethnobotanist, Samuel Johnson award winning author of Into the Silence

“I was feeling exhausted and anxious as we have an immense amount on our plates right now. After the meditation I felt that I was floating above it all.  It has given me great strength and has left me tranquil, and very calm.”

Beverly Joubert,
Award winning Filmmaker, Nat Geo Explorer, Great Plains Conservation

“SOS meditations are enjoyable, calming, and only take 5 minutes! It's great for all people to find stress relief in their lives as this has significant health benefits.”

Dr. Monica Ling,
Spinal Medicine Specialist, Prince of Wales Hospital

"SOS is the only method I’ve come across with scientifically based audio tracks that shift you into an actual state of stillness and peace."

Dr. Sue Jamieson,
Harvard, award-winning Scottish physician

"When I listen to SOS meditations, I’m cocooned in a wonderful, loving feeling and immediately relax. The more frequently I listen, the longer the peaceful feeling remains."

Dr. Irene Conlan,
Former Assistant Director at the Arizona Department of Health Services

"SOS Method has seamlessly interwoven electronic technology to create audio tapestries that exist in a class by themselves. "

Dr. Elliott Maynard,
Ph.D. Marine Sciences, Author Brave New Mind, Advisory Board, Research Integrity Institute

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  • Relieve anxiety, stress and insecurity
  • Develop peace, hope and empowerment
  • Boost mind/body mental health and wellness
  • Improved sleep and increase vitality
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