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It’s Not Science Fiction. Epigenetic Research Reveals Recent & Generational Trauma Is a Key Factor In Your Stress

Geneticists have proven that epigenetic change is passed from one generation to the next[1]. Without clearing Genetic Pain from your cells, its’ going to cost you:

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Epigenetic research has proven that generational trauma is passed down and stored in your cells – leading to modern stress and overwhelm.

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Genetic Pain is a key factor in your predisposition to depression, addictions, anxiety, obesity and various mental & physical obstacles.

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“When the microglia in the brain goes haywire from trauma it can cause genetic changes that passes to future generations.”[1]

SOS Method is the sole evidence-based process that clears generational trauma, dynamically altering brain activity, causing life-changing behavior and wellbeing.


SOS Method’s Programs, Meditations & Tools offer a simple yet revolutionary process that has empowered thousands globally to establish new habits and behaviors, developing a life of greater fulfillment and prosperity.


Epigenetic science explains how traumatic events can have lifelong impact that passes to future generations.

Subtle Energies

Subtle energies are an invisible energetic field of information which guides the body’s natural systems to wellbeing and greater human potential.

Proprietary Formula

Powered by IKiT’s interdisciplinary sciences – subtle energy, language patterns, and intention – prompts cellular and behavioral shifts.
SOS Method® Has Helped Countless Thousands Transform Their Lives:
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Activate Your Dormant Potential

Finally. Meet the person you were always meant to be.

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Eliminate Stress & Genetic Trauma

You don’t have to be gripped by stress, anxiety or hardships.

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Build Self-Esteem & Courage

Love how you feel as you build confidence, courage and new strength.

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Improve Relationships

Build better relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

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Feel Empowered To Achieve

Gain the motivation and drive to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Experience unlocking a dormant human Potential that turns challenges into adventures – simply & effectively

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Similar to Dr. Ali Rezai’s breakthrough with ultrasound waves for anxiety and addiction*, IKI Technology energetically stimulates cellular transformation – and stands out for it’s global scalability. [*Featured in ’60 Minutes’]


Stories powered by Inner Knowing Technology entertain and activate dormant human potential that empowers life-long mental health & wellness support.


Similar to meridian style holistic arts, as stress blockage is released, neural networks rewire to break negative behavior patterns and build positive habits.


Easing stress, cravings, and depression, gaining a fresh perspective, develops resourceful behavior for a fulfilling life.

Endorsed By Scientists, Doctors & People Like You

Imagine Activating a dormant Potential that Turns Challenges Into Adventures – Simply & Effectively.

She Pioneered The Path It’s Up To Us To Take The Journey

As a Generational Trauma Expert, Mental Health Activist & Pioneering Researcher, Marlise Karlin is at the heart of an extraordinary movement that provides peace of mind, wellbeing, and empowerment to people worldwide.

For 25 years, she studied with Western neuroscientists, holistic experts from Japan, and meditation masters in India. Infusing those universal principles with revolutionary discoveries about the mind/body connection and dormant human Potential, Marlise created Inner Knowing Integrative Technology (IKiT).

In the early 2000s, Marlise initiated a research project and like Jane Goodall, she began observing never-before-seen behavior from people in diverse communities across six continents.

These groundbreaking cases demonstrated that dormant human Potential was within each person, what they lacked were dynamic tools to activate it until catalyzed by SOS Method’s Programs, Meditations and Tools, powered by IKiT.

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When I discovered that people of all cultures and ages could develop an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing – in less time than we ever thought possible, I realized I had to find a way to share it.

~ Marlise Karlin

The Mission & The Dream

Provide our evidence-based technology that has empowered countless thousands worldwide to transform the trajectory of their lives.

Our Mission is to Empower 1 Billion People Through Transformative Experiences by 2030

Collaborate with bold, passionate changemakers and innovators to inspire future leaders and communities that shape a more conscious world.

It’s Time To Stop Living Life With Limits

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