Many innovative discoveries in our modern world were ignited by an individual’s passion to make something different, simpler, more accessible. And so, begins the life-long journey of Marlise Karlin, and how SOS Method was birthed.

Marlise’s pursuit of a new life was initiated by an abusive childhood. But the stress of being a teen runaway on drugs developed into chronic illness in her 20s.  Her determination to find a holistic way to heal from life’s challenges and be fully empowered fueled the evolution of SOS Method.

SOS Method is based on 25 years of study with Masters of Meditation, Eastern Traditions and Western Scientists with over 15 years of global field research working with diverse populations which produced groundbreaking results - causing Marlise to become a Mental Health pioneer. 

But just when leaving behind CD’s didn’t feel like enough anymore, a series of synchronistic events brought technology experts, with the same passion and commitment. Karthik Vemula and Jay BN, along with their diverse team helped the SOS Method App come to life.

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SOS Method

Ignite Your Power. Inspire Peace

Our Mind/Body has a natural potential to advance higher mind intelligence and generate greater wellness- once activated. Our inherited cellular memory, plus the stress of our modern world and negative genetic predispositions have overwhelmed our system.

SOS Method’s 3 Essential Elements for activating Mind/Body potential are:

Concept Meditations, which combine SOS Sounds; specifically engineered music, tones, words and white space that recharge, relax, and empower you. And, they work – even if your mind isn’t still.

Discovery Programs expand your consciousness with mind-blowing knowledge and time-tested holistic wisdom.

Life Tools give you an ability to take immediate action on challenges that arise, gain new solutions, greater emotional balance, physical wellbeing, and an inspired mind.

By making it a daily practice, SOS Method empowers an innovative, mindful approach to the world — with your relationships, careers, and family, so challenges can become life’s adventures.

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Concept Meditations

Breaking the rules of meditation

Immersive, Stimulating, and Empowering: Concept Meditations take you on a journey — to a new world. It’s an immersive experience like watching your favorite movie or reading a good book. They’re dramatically different than guided meditations. Why? There’s nothing you have to do:

  • No quieting of your mind,
  • No sitting in silence,
  • No efforting at all.

The immediate and long-lasting results range from relief of stress and trauma to increased optimism and positive behavior change – often within 24 hours.

Sounds of SOS

The Special Formula in each independently produced Concept Meditation; music, tones, words, and white space stimulate your body's natural healing potential.

Tingling sensations are common with Concept Meditations, revealing cellular engagement. This means your cells are returning to the natural harmony between body and mind — whether your mind chatters or not. This cellular activity means they’re clearing out old messages and welcoming in the new.

Concept Meditations push the boundaries of our beliefs by breaking all concepts of what it takes to access that sweet spot of peace, happiness, and potential within – and all in just minutes.

SOS Method

Ignite Your Power. Inspire Peace

“I want people to understand just how powerful they are. Regardless of how challenged they’ve been, they can live an inspired and exceptional life.” -Marlise Karlin

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