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How to Find Opportunity in the New Normal

Sep 2, 2021 | Mental Wellness, pandemic

There’s no denying that our lives have changed. The pandemic has shifted the reality of people all over the world, and everyone is struggling to adjust to the new normal.

And while drastic upheavals like this can be uncomfortable, they can also offer opportunity.

As we embark on this global transition, there are countless ways we can use our minds to help us adjust and even thrive.

As we feel uncertain about the future, let’s reframe that feeling. Look at this moment as a catalyst for something amazing to come into your life. Whether it’s figuring out a direction to take with work or better understanding yourself to find more balance in your life — the future is limitless.

If you’re wondering how best to move forward, the power lies within you — it’s all about learning how to access it.

Let Your Higher Mind Be Your Guide

Here’s how you can connect with higher mind potential and let it guide you towards a thriving, successful life in the midst of the new normal.

First, make a simple request: what am I to do now? Write the request in your journal and use it as an affirmation.

Then, ask the broad question: Guide me and show me what I’m meant to do. Guide me and show me what the next best steps are.

Next, do a meditation to help you access the higher mind potential that will offer answers to your questions. Try I BelieveSay Yes, or I Am Grateful.

As you’re meditating, remember:

  • If an idea bubbles to the top, write it down and then come back.
  • Feel relief in the meditation.
  • If an idea doesn’t come, that’s ok.
  • Keep asking the question and stay open.

The meditation will help you shift your state of mind, which in turn will give you an entirely new perspective. As your perspective changes, new opportunities will arise. You’ll see things you never saw before.

Set Your Intentions — Ask for What You Want

Next, set an intention, then set another. Start looking for signs. The answer may not come immediately, but it *will* come as you stay hopeful and keep asking. Go about your life, while listening inside your mind and heart. You’ll know what to do when it becomes clear and you have that internal “Yes.” And remember, 

Just begin by opening one door, and watch how many more will open.

Even though your world might feel like it is in upheaval now, that doesn’t mean good can’t come from chaos. You have the power to use your mind to find opportunity, even in the midst of this storm. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open — the signs will appear, and you’ll find a new normal that leaves you even better and more empowered than before.

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