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Daily Wildcat Q&A with Mental Health Activist Marlise Karlin

Nov 2, 2021 | Mental Wellness

The University of Arizona’s “Daily Wildcat” newspaper sat down with renowned mental health pioneer, author, and Founder of SOS Method Marlise Karlin to discuss current events, self-care and how to harness your inner power in order to overcome uncertainty.

Daily Wildcat: What are your tips for dealing with uncertainty?

Marlise Karlin:

I recognize the feeling of uncertainty and stress that people are going through today because of my own experience with it as a young person. My father was very abusive, so I ran away from home at 16. At 16, you’re not really prepared for how to take care of yourself financially, or for feeling like you’re not loved. So it really hurt my self-worth.

The stress affected my body so much that doctors wanted to give me operations. What most people don’t fully understand is that the stress you feel every day from uncertainty and isolation is actually affecting you on a long lasting level.

Every thought you think sits in the cells of your body. It’s a traumatic memory in a sense. Then that begins affecting how you perceive life in the future.

I think we don’t understand how much this affects us, and how important it is to begin connecting to the power you already have, because you have remarkable powers. I like to call it superpowers because it just makes it simple enough for everybody to get it.

What I discovered in my own work after studying with meditation masters and holistic experts and scientists is that we have this untapped mind and body intelligence. And once it is ignited or activated, it’s amazing how much it shifts our perception of life and how much more empowered we feel, how much more in touch with our body we are. Then the body can begin doing what it naturally does to keep us in well being.

Daily Wildcat: Would you have a tip that would be able to help everybody right off the bat?

Marlise Karlin:

This is one tool that I think you will find really, really helpful. It’s called Stop, Drop & roll; normally we think of that with a fire.

Now imagine there’s a fire going on in your body and in your brain. So Stop, Drop & Roll is really good for getting rid of excess negative energy – where your stomach is churning and your head feels like it’s going to explode.

When you say the words, Stop, Drop & Roll, it reminds you of what to do.


STOP, and become aware of what’s happening. DROP, whatever it is you’re angry about in the moment. And then ROLL with a new idea.

There are four ways to drop it.

  1. Get physical. When your body is freaking out like that, you have to be able to do something energetically to move that energy out of your body. So dance it out, turn on some great music, bands, dances wild and crazy as you possibly can. You could also go for a walk or a run.
  2. Get soaked. You could get in water either in a tub or shower or pool, because it deactivates that excessive energy. You can feel that everything starts to calm down.
  3. Get vocal. Sing it out, sing at the top of your lungs. And if you’re surrounded with people go to another place and sing. As you begin doing that, it’ll actually get to a place where you you almost feel like crying or laughing because it starts to move that negative energy out of the body.
  4. Get sad. You can cry out loud, watch a sad movie or think of anything that releases sadness through tears. Crying neutralizes the raging heat inside, and refreshes and renews our spirit.

After your body has calmed down a bit, then listen to an SOS Immersive Meditation so that you connect to your superpowers. Because that’s where you’ll get the inspiration of what to do about whatever it is that’s challenging you.

That’s how the tool works. First you’re letting out that negative excess energy. Then you’re opening to that mind body intelligence to give you the inspiration of what to do next.

Daily Wildcat: How do you balance heavy life concerns with self-care?

Marlise Karlin:

I think what you’ll find is that life difficulties are happening every single day, so how are we going to balance it? A lot of it has to do with how you are feeling right now. Because if you’re feeling passionate about your future, it’s not so difficult because even when you’re working, you’re feeling good, you’re feeling excited. And I would suggest that a lot of young people today are very concerned about their future.

So, utilizing the tools that help you set intentions, that help you find stress relief in moments, that help you pivot toward the kind of success you want to have is extremely important. Look for the tools that will support you throughout your whole life.

There are tools like the SOS Tool I told you about today, that  can immediately help you.  So you don’t have to read a 50 page book to get better. You can have tools that you use again and again and again.

And really you should understand about consistency and repetition. Because if we exercise once a month at the gym, how good will your body be? Not that great. So find a meditation technique that works for you, so that you do it consistently. You’ll be blown away by the changes that occur.

SOS Method is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Click here to read the interview on the “Daily Wildcat” website.

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