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Build Healthy Financial Habits Even When Your DNA Wants to Keep You Poor

Nov 7, 2022 | Generational trauma

The stress of poverty alters genes and can pass them on to offspring. This might sound unbelievable, but the latest findings demonstrate that poverty and other lifestyles? can imprint your genes. And that may affect your ability to make good financial decisions.

Did you know the effect of being poor can alter your genes? And your family’s future generations?

The poverty cycle isn’t just a tag economists give underprivileged people’s repeat generations. It typically changes genetics. As poor eating habits linked with poverty increase the risk of some diseases for future generations by imprinting on the human genome, research now shows that generational trauma does the same to people’s financial capacity.

According to a recent Northwestern University study, poverty harms human genes and DNA in new ways we haven’t realized. Broadly, the study challenges the established understanding and concept of genetic immutability.

It shows that symptoms of poverty, can be embedded in your genome. Our life experiences shape our gene structure and function and impact a wide range of physiological systems and processes that include low self-esteem, stress, and anxiety.

However, the good news is that there are ways to clear this generational trauma and build a happy and prosperous life. How? By developing a healthy mindset that recognizes you can be successful, and by clearing the negative memory from within your body.

Keep scrolling to learn how.

Poverty, Genes, and Socioeconomic Status – What is the Connection?

According to Thomas McDade- professor and faculty member at Northwestern’s Institute for Policy Research, first, socioeconomic position has long been recognized as a significant predictor of health; however, the fundamental mechanisms by which our bodies “remember” the effects of poverty remain unknown.

Physiological mechanisms that result in insulin resistance and chronic inflammation can lead to diabetes and cortisol dysregulation and correlate with socioeconomic levels.

Since its dysregulation is linked to many chronic disorders, cortisol, the main hormone of the stress response, is no longer employed to help people mobilize energy to escape predators or pursue food.

In fact, researchers discovered evidence in the study that the cycle of poverty can affect the human genetic level. They found that levels of DNA methylation, the process of incorporating new material into a DNA molecule, are related to lower socioeconomic class.

It impacts the process genes manifest the stored information, instructions, and overall gene expressions.

What do the Study Findings Show?

Precisely, the study findings show that DNA methylation is linked to lower socioeconomic status on many sites on a large number of genetic compositions over 1500. That is to say; your socioeconomic status can influence nearly 10 percent of the genes in your body. It can potentially impact and change these genes’ structure and function.

Researchers are conducting more studies to find if DNA methylation provides this mechanism for translating people’s experiences related to socioeconomic environments and memory into biology and health.

How Can You Build Healthy Financial Habits?

The latest scientific research that poverty impairs your ability to make wise financial decisions. This may be why so many “poor people” cannot escape poverty.

It can cause or worsen health issues, including insulin resistance, inflammation, diabetes, and more. Our cells can recall early-life experiences of poverty that impact us later in life, such as our propensity for chronic illness.

So, how can you avoid or prevent the impact of poverty or lower socioeconomic status from impacting your financial status? Here we enlisted some healthy lifestyle and financial habits or ways to avoid a poverty mindset and eliminate the generational trauma which could be causing it.

Eliminate Generational Trauma through a Mental Health Method

The theory of genes being immutable or unchangeable is no longer acceptable. Scientific studies have shown that DNA modifications are possible and transferable from generation to generation.

That means your negative experience can have an impact on your kids, their kids, and beyond. One way to eliminate generational trauma or prevent it from impacting your financial health is to clear the memory of this genetic pain that exists in the cells of your mind and body. One evidenced-based method that has proven to be successful is SOS Method.

SOS Method combines Discovery Programs, Dynamic Meditations, and Mind Fitness Tools. Incorporating SOS Method into your life has helped thousands worldwide to change negative mindsets and embrace new awareness that improves choices made from the conscious mind.

Their special formula meditations have been shown to rapidly reduce stress, affecting your mindset and decision-making abilities. Bringing the mind and body back into balance, which is the essential purpose preeminent holistic traditions have focused on for more than 2000 years, enables you to build healthy habits and get emotional balance and well-being.

With SOS Method’s additional focus on eliminating generational trauma, it contributes to your critical thinking and decision-making power. By simply activating and employing a dormant body/mind potential, people have been able to overcome self-doubt, and negative emotions.

Once you are able to overcome these life obstacles, its easier to gain habits that build income and fulfillment in life.

What Else

You can also get started with these tips to plan and strategize your financial decisions.

Set Financial Goals

One individual’s personal life goals and financial objectives are completely different from another. You can determine what objectives are realistic and deserving of your commitment by working with a financial advisor who takes a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

Commit to Paying On Time

1 in 4 individuals in the US needs to pay the bill on time. It results in interest rate penalties and late payment fees. Set up automated payments for mortgage payments or credit card bills. Also, pay your invoice as you receive it.

Save for Emergency

An emergency saving fund is a separate bank or savings intended to pay for or defray costs in the event of an unanticipated circumstance, like a health problem, job loss, or unexpected home or big car repair. You can survive a financial emergency without turning to credit cards or expensive loans when you have emergency cash.

Summing Up

While researches show that your DNA has the power to impact your socioeconomic status, you can change it by building above mentioned healthy financial habits. Focusing on your mental and physical health is important to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being.


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