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Exploring Human Potential: All Things Are Possible

Oct 2, 2021 | Mind Body Potential

When you connect to untapped mind and body intelligence, it’s incredibly exciting. Suddenly you become open to things you never thought were possible — it shifts your perspective. you begin to understand human potential on a whole new level.

We all have a higher mind intelligence that gives us the ability to connect to our true potential, but we rarely access it. When you’re in tune with that intelligence, you don’t get bumped and bruised as easily by the ups and downs of life but instead find ways to thrive and grow and enhance your life  — even in the midst of chaos.

So how do you connect to that intelligence? One way is through meditation. There are thousands of meditation techniques, and some can help you access your true nature more readily than others. All meditation techniques were originally designed to connect you to that extraordinary power within.

SOS Method infuses ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to activate that intelligence to guide you throughout life, So, it’s not just about getting calm, it’s the development of your mind and body. You’ll enjoy sounds, music and words that initiate rapid results. Many of the SOS meditations are 5 minutes, and people often report a brain boost in just 60-90 seconds.

If you are hurting, or anxious, or want to find an answer to the many things that might be challenging you today – diving into these Sounds of SOS will help you get calm AND so much more. If you need answers for anything, guidance on important decisions, or are just looking to connect to your mind and body intelligence, here’s a great three-step process you can practice this week.:

  1. ACTIVATE your mind’s higher intelligence with an SOS Method meditation. Any of them can serve this purpose, but you could start with Into the SilenceBody of Stars, or Music in My Heart.
  2. LISTEN. Afterwards, listen to the messages that your mind/body is sending you. What does it want you to do? What intuitive knowing are you feeling? The messages will come in a lot of different ways. And they might be quick or you will get the inspiration over time in the next few days. Just stay open and be observant.
  3. TAKE ACTION on what you hear. Without action, your ideas will just fade away. Be sure to take this final step to really kick start new changes in your life and move forward to see the benefits.

You may not get all the answers you’re looking for immediately, but if you continue to listen, and pay attention to the inspiration that arises you will be amazed at the difference these actions make in your life. Inspired actions will lead you towards the solutions you’re seeking.

Listening to Your Body

The answers that come from this practice could relate to absolutely anything in your life, from work decisions to family issues to physical concerns. The conversation with higher intelligence is ongoing, and it’s always available to provide guidance and insight and help you leave a chaotic life behind.

Marlise shared a simple, day to day way to view this practice since not everything we need help with is earth shattering. When she felt the need to get more exercise during the quarantine, Marlise searched for online virtual exercise classes. After her first workout she felt completely exhausted.

Her body was speaking to her through pain, telling her that it needed a different trainer, who wouldn’t push her to the point of pain, but one that strengthened her core through more focused  muscle training.

Instead of thinking, “Oh I can’t work out like this anymore!,” maybe I should give up, she did the 3 Step Process above, Activated her higher mind, Listened to the messages, and took Action from the inspiration she got.

Marlise listened, and after a series of calls, was able to find the perfect teacher. The answer to keep going, ideas of where to reach out came, and she took action: Ask and the Answers Will Come.

When you open to the unlimited nature of your mind and body intelligence, you have begun to realize your true human potential, and all things become possible. It’s all about connecting to that higher intelligence that lies within. When you have a relationship with that intelligence, you’re guided in all things, and incredible opportunities begin to present themselves.

Remember —  it’s not just – ask, listen, and take action – it’s about activating that untapped intelligence within. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of.

“Every single one of us has this remarkable power to create better well being and to thrive even in the most chaotic of times when we open our mind to solutions beyond what we can even imagine..” — Marlise Karlin

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