what is
SOS Method?

Developed over decades of research, SOS Method is a proprietary collection of Programs, Tools and Meditations. Consider it the art and science of wellbeing, made readily accessible for a busy world through the magic of technology.

SOS is designed for simplicity and impact — it helps you relieve stress or power up in minutes, and become more peaceful, mindful and productive as you practice over time.

How can mindfulness and meditation help me? Life is complicated. We multi-task and overextend ourselves. We feel hurt, we feel helpless. In times of stress, doubt, conflict, low energy—or any time through your day you want greater focus—SOS gives you rapid, direct access to an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing.

And remember, meditation has been studied extensively by scientists—their research reveals that meditation literally changes your brain and body for the better.
How can SOS Method help me? We can’t speak for everyone but we can say this: People going through every kind of distress including anxiety, PTSD, abuse, being bullied or bullying others...skeptical people...people who have lost touch with their better selves...and people just like you—have reported that they found relaxation and deep peace within moments.

Funny thing about that stress-free state of peacefulness...It forms the foundation for productivity, creative thinking, better decision-making, and even wisdom. That’s why SOS Method has been used in hospitals, youth programs, rehabilitation centers, and support groups around the world. Of course, to become aware of your possibilities, you’d have to explore them. And yes, that’s a hint.
What makes SOS meditations different? SOS meditations are a proprietary blend of music, tones, and elements that help you develop an enriched, stress-free environment in your body. As your body becomes a stress-free environment, your mind follows along.

The Programs and Tools help your mind discover the triggers that make stress happen, and how you can shift your response to them. The more you practice your ability to put outside events into perspective, the easier it gets. Your improved frame of mind empowers you every day, helping you enjoy life even more.
How was SOS method developed? Family struggles early in life drove SOS founder, Marlise Karlin, to seek solutions. She spent decades immersing herself in the research and practice of wellbeing. SOS converges her 25 years of studying meditation and Eastern holistic traditions with masters from India and Japan, as well as psychology and landmark science, including epigenetics and neuroplasticity—into a simple and easy-to-use practice.
How do I do SOS? You can #powerup by just listening. Begin with 5-Day Essentials, where you’ll explore:

  • Tools... that bring awareness into focus
  • Programs... that expand your mind
  • Meditations... that help soothe and revitalize
And, like any healthy lifestyle practice—exercise, eating well, sharing—the more you do it, the better you feel.
When should I do SOS? Your SOS practice is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer. That way, you can explore SOS anytime from anywhere the internet reaches.

We suggest listening first thing in the morning to clear the slate and set the tone for a positive day. And you can add ‘pick-me-up’ Meditations to your break times at work or before going out in the evening. Decompressing with SOS before bedtime helps you switch off from your day and sleep more peacefully. The choices are endless, and up to you.
What's in the free trial? Your free trial includes the 5-Day Essentials series. That’s 5 daily lessons and meditations to start your mindfulness practice.

After that, you can upgrade your membership to continue your journey. Once you’ve explored the 11-Day Essentials, the full library of 40+ SOS Meditations and Discovery Series await.