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For every subscription you get –
one is given to a person in need

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we're called SOS
for a reason

We believe everyone should have an opportunity
to heal, be empowered and thrive.

That's why for every subscription you get -
one is given to a person in need.

our impact – heal. empower. thrive.

People affected by stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse, and bullying
have found SOS Method to be highly effective in diminishing trauma,
instilling peace of mind, and inspiring hope.

In over a decade of case studies, people report relaxation, peace of mind
and hope – in only minutes.

That’s why SOS Method is used globally in hospitals, rehabilitation centers,
foundations, support groups, youth programs, and LGBT communities.

real people. real stories

of transformation.

SOS Method and you are empowering lives every day.
That’s real social impact. That’s the power and beauty –
of Get One. Give One.

SOS Method provides rapid and long-lasting aid
to those who need it most.

" … now I have hope."

Beatrice saw her family murdered in the Rwanda Genocide. After the SOS meditation, she shared, “I felt like I was in heaven. Now I have hope for myself and my children.”

" … I feel alive again."

Doug’s marriage and work suffered greatly after returning home from active duty. Within days of SOS training, both his natural enthusiasm and his will to help others returned.

" … I sleep like a baby now."

Zola was a history teacher and then a refugee when he escaped from Zimbabwe’s prison and torture. 15 years of despair turned to optimism as SOS Tools empowered his future and ability to sleep.

" … I've left my past behind."

Keith’s grades suffered due to his father’s sudden death, and he was bullied about his weight. After only 2 weeks of SOS, Keith smiled and said, “I feel like I’ve left my past behind me.”

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