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about marlise

Marlise Karlin is a humanitarian activist, author, entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of SOS Method®, meditation reinvented for busy minds. Once a teen runaway on drugs, Marlise went on to become International Director of an NGO, produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film, and was a National Director for Break the Cycle.
The challenges of growing up with an alcoholic, abusive father and the stress-related illnesses this caused sparked a lifetime pursuit for discovering new solutions.

Marlise studied with teachers from diverse fields for 25 years: masters of meditation from India, holistic traditions from Japan, and leading Western scientists. This led to a completely different approach to meditation, which includes Discovery Programs, Life Tools, and a unique formula for Meditation that fuses music, tones, and words  and works in only 5 minutes. 

Named Inner Peace Expert by sheknows.com, Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox, featured in Forbes, Natural Health, Women’s World, AOL, and The Mommy Insider among other media outlets. 

A sought after public speaker, Marlise has toured extensively across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Africa, Cambodia & Australia. In the midst of an increasingly divisive culture, Marlise is a visionary entrepreneur who’s committed to elevating people’s true power to thrive.