Robin , UK

The SOS Method is different from anything else I have ever done! It's an incredible feeling! I have never experienced this before. It's intense yet peaceful; it's just brilliant!

Morgan , LA

I use SOS Method in the morning before beginning my day, as well as before making certain decisions and important phone calls. It's guided me through difficult conversations. My experience with SOS has truly changed me for the better.

Michael , UT

With a possible unexpected career change looming, SOS helped me focus on positives and opened my mind to previously unexplored opportunities.

Stefon , OK

SOS Method gave me time to reflect on myself and my goals. It pushed me to find ways to work and set up tasks to achieve those goals. I believe this will help me become better in anything I pursue and will product great results.

Robyn , NC

SOS Meditations bring me such calm. I've been in pain from fibromyalgia since my 20s, and now it's gone, which is such a gift! I've had no pain for more than 3 years.

Patricia , CA

My dog, Scooter, was a jumping bean. When I put the SOS meditations on, he gets calm and lies down. Even my trainer has seen the change!

Colleen , WI

I just finished the 5 day. It was amazing. I've had a meditation practice for 8 years, so I was skeptical SOS could be something that came so easily. As I finished, and was listening to the "Believe" meditation, I was so moved. It actually brought tears to my eyes!

Stephen , UK

I use SOS Method daily. It helps me stay calm, focused, and positive when facing adversity and uncertainty. It's helped me create wonderful new possibilities.

Friend of SOS , India

I feel like I'm in a different world altogether when I start using the SOS App.

Friends of SOS , Canada made me so comfortable.

Action , Kenya

Mikalu , Mali