Ways to Handle Coronavirus Stress

SOS Team Mar 17, 2020

As a global family, we’re all feeling the overwhelming onslaught of stress from the coronavirus. 

As our daily lives get impacted by COVID19 with school and business closings, social events cancelling, and stores running low on supplies - worry rises and stress builds up. Social distancing can feel isolating, especially at a time like now when we want to be with our friends and family for support.

And while it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in order to protect ourselves against coronavirus, there are effective tools - like meditation - that can help you fight against stress. We all have the capacity to find a place of peace and hope within, no matter what’s happening in our lives and the world. Below is some information about how SOS Method’s Concept Meditations, Discovery Programs and Life  Tools can help. 

Fighting Stress with SOS Method

Be cautious with your personal safety and that of your community, but don’t let worry and fear about Coronavirus control your life — or your health. 

For dealing with stress around the coronavirus crisis, check out the SOS Method “Activate Your Mind/Body Potential” Program. It’s always available for free, and you’ll find it on our homepage. The 3-day program combines cutting edge science with ancient wisdom, and is designed to help you alleviate stress, soothe your anxiety, and access that place of peace and strength within. 

Activate Your Mind/Body Potential — Activate Your Mind/Body Potential — Discover the hidden potential within you to gain greater insight, experience deep peace and heal. This program includes the following components to help you alleviate stress: 

  • Your Extraordinary Power —  Ignite your remarkable capabilities, access limitless intelligence and minimize struggles. 
  • The Halo Effect — Increase your access to resilience, flexibility and courage in just 5 minutes a day. 

We want to offer everyone as much support as possible  - so, when you sign up for our a free 7-day trial, you’ll unlock all of our content. This includes more “Stress Relief” programs, and a dedicated category of stress relief meditations with more than 100 minutes of unique healing. In the Life Tools section of SOS, you’ll find 3 stress reduction resources.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes today to try one of these resources from SOS Method.

And please remember, follow your government’s mandates and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations about how to prevent contraction of the coronavirus, including washing your hands frequently; not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands and social distancing.

About SOS Method 

SOS Method’s unique mix of specifically engineered SOS Sounds, music, tones, words and white space enhance the immune system, promote healing, balance your cortisol and help your body connect to its own innate intelligence. 

How  has meditation helped you to deal with coronavirus stress? Tell us about your experience in the comments!T