I Want a Divorce! How to Stay Sane and Save Your Relationship During this challenging period

SOS Team May 9, 2020

You wake up together. You eat together. You do chores together. You watch Netflix together. You go to bed together. And while togetherness can be a wonderful thing — being cooped up constantly with someone you love can lead to conflicts in even the best relationships. 

Stay at home orders are in place all over the world, and it’s a super stressful situation to be prohibited from living your normal life. Add to that spending 24 hours a day with another person, and it can take its toll on any couple. You may feel like you’re in the midst of relationship or marriage trouble, with nowhere to turn. 

So to help keep your coupling whole and happy, save your relationship and avoid that dreaded “d” word, we’ve got 6 ideas for relationship advice that can help you navigate this difficult time. 

  1. Find separate hobbies. While it’s great to spend quality time together, everyone needs a break. It’s healthy to have separate interests, and you can extend that idea during quarantine. Take the time to explore different activities that each of you can do solo. Try virtual classes like dance, art, or cooking. That way, you have something interesting holding your individual attention — and plenty to talk about over dinner. To add to your relationship help, you can even teach each other what you’ve learned.
  1. Meditate. Together, separately, or both. When you feel trapped, suffocated, or stifled, meditation is an instant escape. The SOS Method features five minute mind hacks that you can listen to anytime, anywhere, and they’ll help train your brain to adjust to the new normal. Meditation has been shown to help better regulate emotions, create less reactivity, and enhance empathy — all of which can make a significant difference in managing relationship issues. Just press play on Rhythm Beyond Time, Say Yes, or I Believe. Take the time to meditate daily or even a few times a day to calm and center yourself. Consider doing a meditation together right when you wake up or before bed. The SOS Method even has programs specifically designed to help improve your relationship including Confidence & Self Esteem, Unleash Possibility, Empowering Communication, New Discoveries to Be Free, and Mental Resilience
  1. Carve out your own space. In your living space, try to carve out separate areas for each of you to have your alone time. If you don’t have the room, take turns utilizing what space you do have. Maybe one of you takes an online class or works on a project while the other takes a walk. If you need relationship help, just finding a way to create individual space can make all the difference. 
  2. Communicate. There’s nothing more important than an open line of communication, especially now. The stress of the challenging period is affecting everyone, and it’s easy to take that stress out on your partner. If you have a troubled relationship, listening and understanding is of crucial importance. Practice listening to your partner, and concentrate fully on what they’re saying. Be empathetic. Work to understand their perspective. Show them you care about their feelings. If a fight does break out, stay respectful. Step away if things get too heated.

  3. Talk to other people. While you should definitely practice communication skills with your partner, you also want to make sure you’re maintaining outside friendships. At the top of the list of marriage tips: everyone needs someone to vent to! Use Zoom, Facebook or another video chat tool to communicate with friends and family daily. That’ll keep you from feeling too isolated or stuck.

  4. Spend time outside. Too much time indoors can drive anyone crazy. Make sure you’re getting your vitamin D daily with neighborhood walks or runs. Go together or separately, but take the time to really soak up the fresh air and explore your area; it’ll offer relationship help when you need it most. 

Remember, this too shall pass and you’re stronger together! Despite the trials of these times, you can save your relationship and come out of it happier and healthier.