How to Conquer Your FOMO

SOS Team Aug 22, 2019

In an age when almost anything is possible — and all human knowledge is accessible at our fingertips, it can be easy to fall prey to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

With so many options, there’s always something ELSE we could be doing in any given moment, so we can easily worry that we’ve made the wrong choice!

Is someone having more fun that I am? Are our friends having adventures without us? Is there some miraculous event happening that I didn’t hear about?

In addition to these anxieties, social media has made it so that everyone we know is displaying their highlight reels — which can make our lives look less than shiny.

What Is FOMO?

Let’s dig a little deeper into what is FOMO, exactly.

The Fear of Missing Out means we’re plagued by anxiety that something more exciting or interesting is happening wherever we’re not.

It takes us out of the moment (no matter how awesome that moment might be) and gets us worried that there’s something better that’s just out of reach.

Essentially, FOMO is a modern-day version of “the grass is greener on the other side” — or envying whatever we don’t have and assuming it’s better than what we do have.

Overall, FOMO is a fail because it keeps us from enjoying all the awesomeness about our lives! We’ve all got a lot to be excited about, but FOMO can steal our joy and leave us bummed out and envious.

fight back against a FOMO attack
Fear of Missing Out

How to Overcome Fear of Missing Out

Let’s talk about some ways to fight back against a FOMO attack — or how best to overcome Fear of Missing Out.

  1. Make a gratitude list. If FOMO strikes and you’re plagued with what-if anxieties, whip out a notebook and start listing everything that’s amazing in your life. It’s pretty impossible to be bummed when you’re basking in the incredible blessings that surround you! Make these lists on the regular and read over them when you’re feeling down. Life is good! Cultivate gratitude!
  2. Spend time with someone you love. Friends and family are like delicious frosting on the cake of life! And quality time is never wasted. If you’re worried that you’re missing out on something awesome, spending time with a loved one will instantly remind you that everything you need is right there with you.
  3. Play with your pets. Animals rule. They’re the best at living in the moment and enjoying life — no matter what else is happening. They’re amazing role models for living life to the fullest! So if you have a pet of your own, take them for a walk or a playdate when FOMO gets you down. They’ll pull you back into the present and put a smile on your face. (If you don’t have a pet of your own, consider volunteering at an animal shelter!)
  4. Try the SOS Method Positivity Tool. This easy, fun process will help you move up the emotional scale ASAP. It’ll help you plan the coming days in a way that gets you super excited for what’s to come – and grateful for all you have.
  5. And … MEDITATE!

Concept Meditations Can Cure Your FOMO

If you’re still wondering how to overcome your fears — including FOMO — here’s our top tip: meditate! Take a journey into a world that’s so immersive and gratifying, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

No need to worry about quieting your mind or sitting in silence. (If your mind is racing with FOMO, that’s probably the last thing you’re likely to do!)

SOS Method’s Meditations do the work for you. They’re the ultimate technique for enjoying the now!

ultimate concept meditation technique for fomo
Concept Meditation To Cure FOMO

Concept Meditations whisk you away to a space that so absorbing, your mind lands in an oasis of calm or vitality. You’ll forget all about what’s happening elsewhere! Usually, you’ll feel like you’ve been on an amazing adventure; no effort required.  

Once you experience the thrill of this new form of meditation, you’ll want to jump in anytime you need some relief from the daily grind or want to find your creative sweet spot.

And the more you do Concept Meditations, the better you’ll feel. Pretty soon, you’ll be basking in the joy of the present moment, not worrying about what other people are doing, and inviting them to join you on your journey.

FOMO, be gone!