How an Open Mind Can Save Your Life

sosadmin Feb 28, 2019

Marlise Karlin, the founder of the SOS Method, told me a story that really blew my mind. When she was 30 she got very sick. Marlise had what is known as PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, and the doctors told her that she needed a hysterectomy to get well. Her immediate thoughts were,

“I’m way too young for this. I’ll try anything.”

Discovering Jin Shin Jyutsu

It’s interesting how illness can sometimes be the driving force to open you to new ideas. Someone told Marlise about an Eastern holistic treatment called Jin Shin Jyutsu, JSJ, and she decided to give it a try. Even though Marlise had never done anything like this before, she took off with a friend to Arizona to have a week’s worth of treatments.

Jin Shin Jyutsu, like acupuncture, helps to release blocked energy through pathways in the body, which causes imbalance that can bring about pain and illness.1 This series of events lead Marlise to meet Mary Burmeister, the woman who brought JSJ to America after being trained in Japan.

It was one of those crossroads in life that lead her to many new discoveries, and she was fortunate enough to have the treatment performed by Mary as well.

Marlise had become so weakened by all of the antibiotics the doctors at the hospital prescribed, she had to leave in a wheelchair. After an hour with Mary, she noticed an immediate improvement in how she felt.

Self Healing with Natural Antibiotics

Marlise asked Mary, if she needed to continue the antibiotics that seemed to only weaken her. Mary suggested that she do what she felt was best. Something inside Marlise spoke to her again,

“Why not test the waters?”

So she did exactly that. She continued with the holistic treatments and stopped taking the antibiotics.

Mary showed her how her own body could produce “natural antibiotics.”(Which we know now from science that our bodies produce serotonin, oxytosin, etc. to fight tension, and support overall health, so it makes sense that we must have even more wellness-producing chemicals that we might not yet know about.2)

Mary pushed on a point on Marlise’s shoulder and said, “When this opens, your body’s natural antibiotics start streaming through you to help you get back into a natural flow.”

A few years later, Marlise got married and wanted to know if she could have a second child. Her gynecologist, a caring and honest doctor did a laparoscopy and openly shared what he found:

“With all of the illnesses you’ve had Marlise, your tubes should be very scarred, but they look like a 12-year-old’s instead. Whatever you did back then to get better — really worked.”

Why an Open Mind is Life-Changing

Many of us are don’t try new things that are different than what we’ve been taught, and many of those well-meaning concepts handed down to us are no longer true.

Science is discovering this all the time, that’s why we continually hear retractions of ”facts.” (Like with Neuroplasticity.3) But we’ll never know how much natural, safe techniques like Jin Shin Jyutsu or the SOS Method can change our lives unless we’re willing to open our minds and give new things a try.

Many people find out the hard way, after getting sick, but I don’t want to wait until something bad happens to become more open out of desperation. Do you?

If we spend our lives trapped in a box with a closed mind, we’ll never know how much healthier we could have been — which of course translates into happier as well.

By stepping outside that box, we could also discover a part of our destiny as Marlise did; it was her openness that led her to a great mentor in her life, which was an important element to her developing the SOS Method.

What 5 Minutes a Day Can Do

All we need is a 5 Minute SOS a day and an open mind to find out just how healthy we can be. Like any natural approach to wellness, it works best when we use this meditation technology consistently, to maintain health, instead of only trying to fix problems after they arise. And, it’s a pretty great preventative tool.

We brush our teeth every day to keep them from decaying, but what are we doing to maintain the brain? What are we doing to maintain the heart? What are we doing to achieve balance?

That’s what I love about SOS Method. I don’t have to travel anywhere, and the only thing I need is whatever I have hooked up the SOS Programs to; my media player, iPad, or phone.

Having an open mind, feeling good, and taking care of myself = a supercool healthy lifestyle. That makes me happy and motivates me to always have an open mind. How about you?

After five days of two treatments each day, Marlise was well. She said, she did get sick several more times over the next year, but after having a few more treatments each time, the illness never returned.