From Refugees to Stressed Out Moms, Meditation Is for Everyone

sosadmin Feb 5, 2019

Take one look at the nightly news and it’s obvious that the world is more complex and confusing than ever. People face a wide array of frightening new challenges — from deportation to extreme weather to heavy debt.

From working moms to refugees to members of the military, people from all walks of life are facing massive stressors that can impair health and well-being – which collectively affects the state of our society.

There is a simple solution that can help people around the world to embrace peace of mind, greater clarity and happiness in every single day – meditation is key! I’ve seen how just minutes a day can pave the way to an entirely new perspective, and existence.

Facing Challenges with Confidence

Meditation has enormous potential when it comes to releasing stress and helping people from every background release trauma, find empowerment, and reach their full potential.

Like brushing your teeth, eating healthy meals, and showering, meditation can be a quick part of daily self-care that can make a world of difference.

Here are a few of the remarkable transformations I’ve seen as people practiced SOS Method Special Formula Meditations and Discovery Programs in communities around the globe:

Zola’s Story

Previously a history teacher, Zola became a refugee after escaping from a prison in Zimbabwe. He was held captive for years — tortured and beaten — before some of his students helped him make a miraculous escape.

Even though he now lived safely in Botswana, he was still tormented by nightmares of the trauma he experienced, and lived in a constant state of despair.

When Zola discovered SOS Method, he found that he able to sleep through the night for the first time in 15 years. He had a sense of optimism and joy he hadn’t known since being separated from his family.

Today, Zola is thriving and teaching others how to bring this relief into their lives.

Tara’s Story

Like so many others in the Western world, Tara was working at a job she didn’t enjoy. And while she was unhappy, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. This created anxiety and confusion that were hugely detrimental to her personal development.

A friend suggested an SOS Method program, and although she doubted it could help – she immediately noticed how rapidly things began to change. As her fears began to subside, Tara became clear on what she wanted to do – and had the newfound courage to do it.

She gained the strength she needed to give notice at her unfulfilling job and apply for other work. Over the next weeks, Tara began to glow with self-confidence and enthusiasm. She found a new job that she loved, and made wonderful new friends.

Tara’s Story

Like most millennials, Juno was overworked and stressed, which led to some serious health problems. Her doctor suggested meditation, but her mind was always racing, and nothing seemed to work.

After finding the SOS Method online, however, she felt a shift with the first session. Juno said it was like a “wave of calm” had come over her.

At dinner that first evening, she wasn’t even bothered by her brother’s usual teasing. For the first time ever, she was able to just observe it and smile.

After a month of practicing SOS, Juno noticed that she actually became more productive. Beaming with delight she said, “It’s crazy, but I have more vitality than ever – and… I’m really calm.”

Changing the World One Person at a Time

These are just a handful of stories of how people were able to get their power back, and find greater joy in every day, just by spending a few minutes practicing SOS Method. Whether displaced refugees, overworked employees, stressed moms, or corporate executives — finding a meditation technique that is rapidly effective can have remarkable benefits in a person’s life.

Amazingly, 96.5% of the people using the SOS Method experience relaxation and a new vitality within minutes. Like any healthy habit, meditation is something that needs to become a part of your daily routine. And once it does — you’ll find a calm and clarity you never knew was possible.