Busting 7 Myths of Meditation

SOS Team Oct 11, 2019

Meditation is a major buzzword these days, and you’ve probably seen more headlines than you can count citing new research and all kinds of studies broadcasting its benefits to the world! 

But along with all this awesome coverage comes plenty of misinformation. People tend to make a lot of assumptions about meditation that aren’t necessarily true – with all techniques - particularly in this day and age.

That’s why we’re here to bust 7 Myths of Meditation!

Concept Meditations are completely new, immersive experience that doesn’t require years of practice for it to work, and you don’t have to sit cross-legged in a quiet room. They are Meditation for the Next Generation, which is not the same as your mama’s or grandma’s practice.

So, let’s sit down with SOS Method Founder Marlise Karlin, chat about meditation misconceptions -- and leave seven silly myths in the dust.

  1. Myth #1 involves meditation experts. Take Marlise, for example! People tend to assume that if you have found a meditation technique, you must be a monk or someone who lives a life of solitude in an ashram or on a mountaintop somewhere. FALSE! Check out this video where Marlise shows you exactly how the modern world and un-monk-like she is. In her words: “Just Love your life. Live your life!”
  2. Myth #2: Meditation is for “someone else”. In other words: “I” don’t need it. Really?? Meditation is for EVERYONE. Seriously, it can be a fun, engaging, and adventurous experience that’ll bring benefits into the life of anyone who practices. From better sleep to stronger relationships to more creativity, the list is super long. And who doesn’t want to live their best life? Check out this video where Marlise talks about how meditation is for people of every age/gender/religion etc.!
  3. Myth #3: People who meditate are boring with a capital “B.” No way! Anyone can meditate, and still have tons of fun. In the words of Marlise: “You can include meditation with everything you love in your life. Don’t separate your life and meditation – bring it into your life!”. So if you enjoy having a glass of champagne, go for it! Here’s Marlise talking about why #3 on our list of myths of meditation is way off base!
  4. Myth #4: I have to quiet my racing mind in order for meditation to work. No, you don’t! Most people find it practically impossible to stop their thoughts, and you don’t necessarily need to. SOS Method’s meditations works even if your mind isn’t still. Check out this video of Marlise breaking down one of these meditation misconceptions:
  5. Myth #5: Meditation is just to calm down. Actually, meditation does so much more! It opens your mind and your heart to a world of inspiration, joy, mindfulness, and vitality. Concept Meditations can be used while you’re exercising, driving, or doing other activities! Check out Marlise talking about all the ways you can use these meditations. 
  6. Myth #6: I need a silent room or quiet space to meditate. Not true! You can meditate in all kinds of places and situations, from your cubicle at work to your car during a commute. Many SOS Concept Meditations can be done with your eyes wide open! Here’s Marlise chatting about why #6 on our myths of meditation list just isn’t accurate:
  7. Myth #7: Meditation takes too long. Not with SOS Method! You can find that infinite space of peace and power starting with just five minutes. It’s up to you if you want to stick around longer and bask in the awesomeness you feel – but if you’re a busy bee, a few minutes is all you need. Here’s Marlise talking about how quickly meditation can work to shift your state of mind:
  8. There you have it –  7 Myths of Meditation, busted!  You’ve heard it from an expert: meditation can be easy, empowering, soothing, invigorating, and fun. If it hasn’t been that way for you, keep checking out whats possible until you find a technique that works for you. Try a Concept Meditation and see if it helps you reap the benefits!