About SOS Method

Free Yourself From Genetic Pain

To understand how SOS Method helps you – start by learning about how stress & Generational Trauma controls your life.

What Is Generational Trauma?

Picture this – everything in your life is perfect.

But no matter how great things are, you still feel a dark cloud above you. It could be a feeling of anxiety, emptiness, depression, or something similar. Regardless, it’s a feeling you can’t shake.

If you’ve experienced this, then you know first-hand the effects Generational Trauma, or Genetic Pain, can have.

It is the generations of pain and trauma experienced by your ancestors passed down to you through cellular memory. And it plays a major role in anxiety, addictions, self-esteem, and more – that is until you learn how to remove it from your body.

3 Essential Elements To Remove Generational Trauma

Our Evidenced-Based Tools clear ‘genetic garbage’ from your cells

Dynamic Meditations

Specifically engineered music, tones, words, and white space that unlock your Genetic Promise. Recharge & Relax.

Discovery Programs

Open your mind to gain new scientific knowledge and holistic wisdom that expands consciousness and empowers you.

Mind Fitness Tools

Gain the ability to build positive habits. Achieve greater physical wellbeing, emotional balance, and an inspired mind.

What Is Your Genetic Promise?
Believe it or not, you have a SUPERpower. It’s been hidden inside you waiting to be discovered.

But these aren’t superpowers in how you typically think of them. There’s no x-ray vision to be had.

When you were given positive genetic traits such as intelligence, compassion, creativity, etc. You also inherited a SUPERpower of mind/body potential. We call this your Genetic Promise™.

Recognized by neuroscientists and 2000 year old renowned holistic traditions, it helps you attain the absolute best version of you. The one that isn’t held back by stress, self-doubt, or any negative emotions but rather, free of all life barriers.

SOS Method’s Meditations Are Easier Than Any You’ve Tried

Far more than just Meditation. Here’s how this technology makes eliminating cellular junk easy for everyone.

No Need To Quiet Your Mind

No Need To Sit In Silence

No Need To Effort At All