Vacation Season is Coming! | SOS Method

Summer is literally days away, which means vacas and getaways are on the horizon! Nothing beats sailing away for some seriously unforgettable adventures.

Of course, life on-the-go presents some challenges. Namely, how can you maintain the good-for-you lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to cultivate? You don’t want to let all the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to cultivate disappear like lost luggage.

Not to worry. We’ve got some tips on how to keep yourself on track while you’re traveling the world – or just indulging in a little staycation.

Planning Ahead

At home, you probably have a schedule that’s jam-packed with positive stuff. You exercise regularly, eat right, engage in a daily meditation practice, and do things that soothe your soul.

On the road, however, staying on track is way more challenging. But one of the keys to avoiding the pitfalls of unpredictability is planning ahead. While you can’t plan your vaca schedule down to the minute, (and who would want to?), you can definitely set yourself up for success.

Working Out

Before you leave, use an app like MapMyRun to check for running routes in the area near your hotel or Airbnb. If you have paths planned out in advance, you’re a lot more likely to strap on those running shoes.

You can also do some research on local gyms The first session is usually free, and many spots offer a one-week trial pass to use the facilities. Or, you might want to try the ClassPass app, which lets you pay to try classes at different fitness studios in any given area. Doing this ahead of time will make it way easier to get up and go.

If you’ve got some extra bucks and time, you could even do some searching for a personal trainer who’ll put you through some paces while you’re in town. It’s a great way to meet people and find out some insider info about the area you’re staying in.

Eating Right

When it comes to healthy eats, the first step is snacks. Packing enough to get you through the airport/airplane is crucial. Think fruit, nuts, energy bars, and other easily portable/compact goodies. If you’re flying with a carry-on, make sure to keep airport security guidelines in mind (so no yogurt or other liquidy foods over 3.4 ounces). Carry some yummies in your suitcase (for the trip back) and in your carry-on so you can eat in the airport or while Ubering.

As far as eating out in your destination(s), use a review app like Yelp to find restaurant options in your area; read up on menu items and see what fellow travelers have had to say. That’ll give you a general idea about healthier choices when you’re on the ground.

If you’ll have cell phone service in your destination, you can bookmark your choices via Yelp and use GPS to find them once you get to town. If not, keep a small notebook with the names, addresses, and general menu items that appealed to you.

Also, if you’re headed to another country, make sure you have a translation app like Google Translate or TripLingo (or a book) to help you order food. Practice key phrases ahead of time so you feel comfortable in a restaurant setting.

And remember to save room for champagne and chocolate; a little indulgence never hurt anyone!


When you’re out seeing the sites from sunup to sundown, it can feel impossible to find time to meditate. But SOS Method meditations are just 5 to 11 minutes in length, so you can do your meditation first thing in the morning or when taking a break in the middle of the day when you might need to just Power Up. One way to keep yourself motivated; set a daily alarm on your phone. Then, open the SOS site from your computer or smartphone.

You can also do the SOS Elevate & Energize meditations while walking around or even working out; multi-tasking at its best! Just a few minutes in the morning will set the tone for your whole vacation, keeping you centered, calm, and Powered UP for the duration.

Bon Voyage

Remember, planning ahead, doing some research, and preparing options in advance will help you keep those healthy habits going strong. Instead of coming home feeling bloated and tired (ugh), you’ll be relaxed, refreshed, and fit! Happy travels!