Politics Got You Down? Heres How to Cope | SOS Method

With so much turmoil happening in the world these days, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Who hasn’t felt seriously bummed while scrolling through Facebook and other news? So much of politics, international affairs, and global conflicts are largely out of our control, and being bombarded with news 24/7 can make us feel like everything is going crazy.

People from every part of the world share these same concerns and fears. In other words — we’re not alone.

Luckily, there is an effective antidote to all this negativity. It’s always possible to find the center of the storm; that power spot of calm and inspiration is anything but helpless. In the words of Vincent Van Gogh — “there is peace even in the storm.”

We have to learn how to carry our sanctuary with us. This is the place where we not only escape the pressures of the outside world – but also gain superhero-esque strength in order to deal with them.

So when politics and global affairs depress, worry, or freak you out, here are five ways to ‘power up’, and find the peace and clarity you’re looking for.

Look for ways to help

While we don’t have control over how political leaders behave — we do have control over some stuff. There are lots of things we can do that make a difference in our community and in the world. Check out what’s happening around you. Look for opportunities online to actively support the many humanitarian causes globally that need our help.

Try a few and see what makes you feel most fulfilled. If you’re into online activism, join care.com or other advocacy outlets and sign petitions or send out emails. You could also try mentoring a child through Big Brothers, Big Sisters; help build homes with Habitat for Humanity; or assist Red Cross. Anytime we’re lending a hand in a concrete way, it helps us feel more empowered and uplifted.

Connect with others

Fear totally thrives on a sense of feeling alone. And who wants to feel alone?! Instead, connect with people who share your values; they can support you in finding new ways to get engaged and empowered. Seek out local groups who are doing things to make a difference. Join community efforts and other activities that bring people together. No matter what you enjoy doing, there’s a group out there that’s into the same things.

Power Up daily – meditate

Just a few minutes of “feel good’ time each day can completely change our outlook. It might actually be the easiest suggestion on this list since you don’t have to go anywhere and can practice at a moment’s notice. Meditation connects us to a place of peace and power that recharges our batteries, fills us with hope and inspires new solutions — no matter what’s happening in the outside world.

SOS Method meditations are super helpful, because they make getting to that space of calm so simple – within only 5 minutes. This technique has a unique formula that includes specifically arranged music and vocals to activate the body’s natural healing potential, which causes rapid soothing relief and the focus needed to become centered and resilient. Bottom line: it makes you feel amazing.

Spend time in nature

The Japanese call walking in the woods “forest bathing” — isn’t that cool!? For such a simple practice, you won’t believe the mental and physical health benefits. Studies have shown that being among the trees can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, and boost your immune system — many of the same benefits you get from meditation.

There are no downsides to spending more time in nature … particularly if you’re into more health and happiness. Try exploring local parks and trails, or visit a national park. You could even get a double healthy glow by listening to an Elevate & Energize SOS Meditation (designed for listening while walking or driving).

Just breathe

Anytime an overwhelming feeling takes over – breathe. Breathe slowly and consciously until everything begins to slow down. This super-simple process will ground you . You know – in that bio body suit you live in! Instead of being overwhelmed by what’s happening outside, conscious breathing helps us connect to what’s happening internally. Slowing everything down opens that space of calm so we can make better decisions.

So — remember — when politics takes up too much space in our minds, the relaxation we’re looking for is just moments away – whether by breathing, meditating, bonding with friends or walking in nature. Isn’t it uplifting to know we don’t have to let rotten news rule our world, and can do something to change it?!

Do you have any special activities that help you feel better about the world? Let us know of other ideas that have helped you by sharing in the comments below.  <3