How Supermoms Can De-stress | SOS Method

Happy Mother’s Day! While being a mom is basically the world’s best job, it seems like there’s more pressure than ever on us these days. We’re supposed to be superheroes at home and at work — all while raising totally amazing kiddos who are going to grow up and change the world.

High expectations much?

No matter what your situation, juggling mom-level responsibilities can be a
recipe for stress overload. Even Beyonce has challenges.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely believe that moms can have it all (I’m a mom and entrepreneur, myself), but we need HELP. We need the right tools to de-stress, re-center, and power up.

So, to have the happiest Mother’s Day ever, here’s a step-by-step plan of action to help you feel your best.

  1. Power Up

For many women carving out some “me time” is SO HARD. Between family and work and an endless list of responsibilities, it can feel totally impossible to get any time to yourself. But even the busiest people can spare five minutes! If that’s all you’ve got — start there. Five minutes is enough for an SOS meditation, so we can connect to that place of inner calm and clarity within. If you can make room for even more time, DO IT! Mom, you deserve it.

  1. Love Up

It’s important to do what makes us feel happy and whole. It’s different for everyone, but some healthy, life-affirming hobbies include gardening, running or walking, hiking, cooking, swimming, bird-watching, making art, yoga, listening to music, dancing, writing, sex — and, of course, meditation. Note: make sure your “to do” list includes things you actually enjoy … not things you think you should enjoy. If dancing makes you feel self-conscious or think gardening is for grandmas, leave it off. You should be GLOWING after all of the activities on your list.

  1. Fam Up

Is it a challenge to carve out alone time? Bring your kids in on the fun. Finger paint, have a living room dance party, try carpool karaoke, or do some mindfulness meditations together. I love the SOS Super Kids program because it’s designed to help our little ones feel their very best. Kids love how it makes them feel – and when they’re happy – so are we! There are dozens of other fulfilling, stress-less things you can do together, too! Think of ways to play, laugh, and relax as a family.

  1. Join Up

Another key element in the quest for stress-relief: community. Check Meetup and Facebook for mom groups in your area. Even playdates work … the mothers talk and the kids play. Connecting with other moms and discussing the strategies for stress relief — while also making new friends —make a huge difference in your state of mind. You can meet for bowling, cocktails, or trivia nights too. Doing fun stuff with people who understand what you’re going through is so helpful. And Dads can enjoy their night with the kids while we take a much needed night off.

  1. Write Up

Like everything else in this wild life, bringing your stress levels down is a work in progress. It won’t happen overnight — but you actually start to feel better pretty quickly, when we commit to daily “me time.” Write down how you feel in a journal before and after your activities, and check back with it over time. If you’d rather skip a written journal, try an app like Day One, Journey, or Memento. It helps to track our upward progress. Then, raise a glass of champagne and toast to successful self-care! Cheers!


You to DO the things you’ve committed to. Tough, I know. But pull up your big girl pants. Set reminders on your phone to help and start carving out time on a day-to-day basis. Or tag team with your partner or friend, to keep each other on track. Think of it as forming super-healthy habits. The more we do it, the easier it’ll get — and the better we feel. We’ve earned it, right momma!